#11 Sindhu Gets Married

Comedian Sindhu Vee joined me on the podcast this week. Sindhu grew up in India, met a Danish boy in the US and then married in London.  This week is very much about international weddings and the importance of family in weddings.

Sindhu and her husband has three weddings: a legal one in London with just two friends; a large affair in India and then a final wedding in Denmark.  Sindhu speak honestly about her mother’s role in the wedding, introducing two families and how brining up a family of kids that are Danish, Indian and British means you get Christmas and Diwali. Win!

Sindhu is performing at the Edinburgh Festival at the Pleasance Courtyard at 4.30pm during August. Her show is definitely not one to miss.

Sarah Southern




#10 Harriet Gets Married

This week on the podcast I am joined by the comedian Harriet Kemsley to chat about her wedding to Bobby Mair.  Bobby proposed after dating for a number of year and they married after an 18 month engagement.  During the planning of the wedding they were commissioned for a tv show about their wedding on Viceland.

Harriet has had a very unique experience as few people will get to make a TV show about their wedding.  No doubt it added the pressure on in the weeks leading up to the wedding having to also write, produce and perform in a show about planning the wedding and have filming on the day itself.  But what a great experience to have!

Harriet and I chatted about choosing her dress, selecting bridesmaid dress and going skiing for her hen do.

Listen in as it’s a great episode.

Sarah Southern

#9 Get the Dress with Henry Holland

This week on the podcast I spoke to the award winning fashion designer, and the talent behind the House of Holland label, the incredibly brilliant Henry Holland.

You’ll remember from the very first podcast episode that Henry designed my best friend Laura’s dress.  It was a mega three-in-one spectacular design that meant changes through the day for Laura from long to mid length to cigarette pant.  It is my absolute favourite dress that I have ever seen a bride in.

Henry and I chatted about the process of designing the dress for Laura before chatting about those of us who don’t have award winning fashion designers on speed dial should do to source the perfect dress.  Henry firmly believes you should wear a dress that makes you feel special and reflects your personality but that doesn’t mean you should break the bank.  He shared a story about how one of his friends found her perfect dress in New Look.  He suggested trying on dresses from all price points from high end to high street and find the style that suits you and what you want and then locate that in the price bracket you can afford.  He also suggested getting a cheaper dress but then styling it with expensive shoes that you’ve always wanted.

For bridesmaid dresses he suggested finding the dress that makes you feel a million dollars and then have it made in the same fabric.  This way all the bridesmaids can have the same fabric but in a dress that suits their style and personality.

I asked Henry who his prediction for the Royal wedding dress would be. Like Patrick Grant, Henry thinks it will be British.  Perhaps a final design by Christopher Bailey at Burberry.  Let’s see if he’s right come Saturday 19 May when Meghan Markle walks down the aisle in St George’s Chapel.

We also discussed colour drenching, how lilac is the new millennium pink and his engagement and impending wedding.  It is a really great episode so do take a listen.

Update: The episode with Henry has proven very popular. The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, Hello!Huffington Post and Harpers Bazaar have all covered his prediction that Christopher Bailey at Burberry might be the designer of Meghan Markle’s wedding dress.

Sarah Southern 

#8 Fashion and Beauty with Jo Hoare

This week on the podcast I was joined by fashion and beauty writer Jo Hoare to share her expertise on how best to style yourself on the wedding day.

Jo has worked as a fashion and beauty writer for over a decade and has also written for bridal magazines.  She is perhaps a little wedding jaded but still has some great advice for brides and guests.

For brides she suggests making thinking about buying a designer dress rather than a wedding dress.  If there is a designer you have always wanted to own a dress buy perhaps this is the time to do it rather than spending that money on a traditional wedding dress.

For bridesmaid dresses Jo thinks that when choosing bridesmaid dresses there has to be some reality.  Remember that it is unlikely all of your friends will have the same body type and perhaps not all feel body confident in what you have selected for them.  Jo shares a tale of when she was a bridesmaid and the dress was back less and very low cut – not ideal for a G cup bridesmaid!  Perhaps consider what dress will best work for your bridesmaids body shape and size.  Jo is a bridesmaid this coming summer and the bride has given a colour scheme and the bridesmaid just have to select their own dresses in that colour scheme.

Jo strongly recommends looking after your skin in the run up to your wedding and getting regular facials booked in. She also suggests booking a make up artist to get you ready on the day.  A make up artist will know which products will best work when being photographed and that will survive the day.  It is a long day and the make up artist will be able to layer your make up so that it lasts.

Sarah Southern 

#7 Sacha Gets Married

Sacha and Ric had been dating for years and then were engaged for a little bit longer. They married in April 2016 at Chelsea Town Hall and then had a reception at the Prince Albert in Camden.

Sacha had to be very strict with her guest list as she had limited seating at Chelsea Town Hall. Not all the guests were invited to the ceremony so they congregated at the Prince Albert pub in Camden to welcome all the other guests on a vintage London bus. Additional guests then arrived for a very fun party in the evening.

Sarah Southern

#6 Clare is Getting Married

Clare Burton and I have been friends since we were 16.  I have witnessed every relationship she has had for the past twenty plus years. So you can imagine my relief when Karl came onto the scene and she finally met the one she was meant to be with.  Clare is also a very close pal of Briony and Laura.

They became engaged in the summer of 2017 and will marry in June 2018.  They both live on Jersey in the Channel Islands and will have their marriage in the parish church followed by a reception on a venue in the north west of the island.

Clare spoke about how she feels different about her relationship with Karl since they became engaged and how firmer she feels with it and him.  She said that being engaged is a lovely feeling so no doubt this will increase once they are married.

We spoke about the odd tradition of asking the father’s permission of proposing to their partner.  It seems a little antiquated and removes the joy of telling your own parents that you are getting married! I know I would be very disappointed if I didn’t get to share that lovely news with my folks.

Clare and I discussed invitations and joining instructions.  Clare had not yet send the invitations when we spoke so I was encouraging her to get them sent out.  Also, I was advising her to include all the necessary information that guests will need to know when they are in Jersey such as hotels, transport and if anything is happening on Sunday. Although Jersey isn’t abroad it does feel abroad as you have to go to an airport to get to the wedding. As such, a little bit of extra information is required to make guests feel at ease.

We have Clare’s hen dos coming up so no doubt that will be featuring on the podcast soon!

Sarah Southern

#5 Groom’s Fashion with Patrick Grant

We are up to Episode 5 already on the podcast I am joined by the Savile Row tailor, Patrick Grant. He has a line at Debenhams and is also a judge on the Great British Sewing Bee (a show I love and I really wish I could get my mum to enter!) He, perhaps, is the perfect person to speak to about men’s fashion on their wedding day.  He is so knowledgeable about mens suits and passionate about men dressing well.

Patrick is confident that a man of any shape or size can have a good suit well fitted to them.  At his Savile Row tailors, Norton and Sons, they have fitted all heights and waist measurements.  In essence, there is no excuse to have a badly kitted suit.  Patrick, as a Scots man, would also favour wearing a kilt to formal occasions such as a wedding, and we chatted in detail about what else needs to be worn with a kilt and how it should be worn, including the right shoes and tie.

Patrick and I both have a bug bear of men wearing ties that are a cravat/tie hybrid, often in a shiny material.  A simple tie is definitely the way on your wedding day.  And dressing to who you are as a person.  If you’re not someone who wears a suit regularly then still dress to your style.  You don’t need to conform if you don’t want to.  But if you do, the follow the proper rules for the that dress code.  Patrick spoke about how a morning suit should be worn and how best to wear it.

We also chatted about who are predictions are for the Royal Wedding dress designer.  Patrick thinks it will be a British designer like Vivienne Westwood whilst my money is on Roland Mouret.  We will have to wait and see on Saturday 12 May to find out who Meghan Markle has picked to design what will be the wedding dress of the year.

Sarah Southern


Royal Wedding Comedy Show: 12 May 2018

Exciting news to share. On Saturday 12 May I will be hosting a Royal Wedding Comedy show at the Bill Murray in Islington, London.  As listeners to the podcast might know I have been doing stand up comedy since February 2017 as The Wedding Guest Extraordinaire.  It seemed silly not to do a show round the biggest wedding since, well, Wills and Kate got wed.

So, come join the love fest and celebrate the Royal Wedding with the Wedding Guest Extraordinaire! A week before the event of year, we will be celebrating the impending nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and all things love.  Hosted by me, Sarah Southern – the ultimate Wedding Guest Extraordinaire, I will be bringing my love and passion for, well…., love, weddings and indeed the Royals to the evening.

I do appreciates that I might be a little niche in my joy and exuberant enthusiasm for weddings and the Royal Family so I will be bringing some friends along to balance out my spirited views.

I have invited four top comics along to entertain for the evening: two who believe in marriage and two who aren’t so keen and think there is an alternative way to relationships and love. It will be a humorous night of all things love, heartbreak, marriage and singledom.

The acts performing will be announced very soon!

Tickets are £5 for the Royal Wedding Comedy Show and can be booked via the Angel Comedy website.

Sarah Southern

#4 Briony Gets Married

This week our wedding expert, Sarah Southern spoke to Briony who married Paddy in the summer of 2012.  They had been dating for 8 years when they became engaged.  This was at Christmas 2011 when their son was almost 9 months old.  Sadly, this immensely happy  expereince was tinged with sadness as Briony’s father had passed away suddenly a few months earlier.

In the podcast Briony shares her experience of planning her wedding whilst dealing with grief and how she didn’t sweat of the small stuff as she knew it would just get sorted.  Briony and I really hope that his podcast is not only helpful for those planning a wedding in London, or looking to plan a humanist ceremony but that those who are having a challenging time can see that joy and happiness can prevail.

Briony had two ceremonies for her wedding.  The first was a civil ceremony at Hackney Town Hall for close family followed by a fish and chips lunch at the Britannia pub (now called the People’s Tavern).  This was the first formal family occasion they had had since Briony’s dad passed so it was a high emotion day and having a smaller event just with close family made that easier.

Briony bought her wedding dress for the civil ceremony from Maids to Measure, her shoes from Marks and Spencers and did her hair and make up herself.  She opted for a short 50s style dress and looked very chic.

Later in the year there was a larger celebration for the marriage with friends and family at The Roost in Hackney.  This was a humanist ceremony followed by a reception and dancing.  The Roost was a great venue to use on multiple floors and a bar which could be stocked with whatever you chose to buy.  Briony and Paddy opted for French Martinis which the guests (ok, me!) very much enjoyed!

Sarah Southern


#3 Julia’s a Bridesmaid…again!

My dear friend Julia has been a bridesmaid 8 times.  Yes, 8 times.  She has a wardrobe full of dresses that would rival Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses.  In episode 3 of the podcast I chat to her about her experiences of being a bridesmaid and what advice and tips she would share about being a bridesmaid.

After the bride the most visual members of the wedding party are, of course, the bridesmaids. They’re often dressed in the same outfit as each other, arrive with the bride and have often taken a hand in organising the day.  There is no denying they are a crucial part of the wedding day.

Julia has lived in the US and the UK so has experienced weddings on both side of the Atlantic.  She has organised hen dos, bridal showers and worn nine outfits for her eight weddings.  But Julia still loves being a bridesmaid and has really enjoyed being apart of her close friend’s big day.

When being asked to be a bridesmaid it is not just a case of turning up on the day, holding posey, wearing a matching dress and waiting for the compliments to roll in.  If you’re taking your role seriously you will be organising the hen do, helping keeping things run smoothly on the big day and probably helping keep the bride cool, calm and collected.

The big decision for bridesmaids and the bride will probably be the dress.  No doubt the bride has an idea of what she wants and how it will match her dress and the feel of the day.  It would be unusual for the bride to want her dearest friends to look below par on the day so work together to pick the best dress possible.  It is probably good to have a chat about who is going to pay for the dress.  Decide this from the get go and let everyone involved know.  If you want your bridesmaids to pay for their dress it is probably a good idea to discuss realistic budgets.

There are many options for bridesmaid dresses.  For my friend Laura’s wedding we used Maids to Measure who make bespoke dresses but there are some amazing options on the high street.  And high street might be a great option if your bridesmaids are spread far and wide.  For Clare’s wedding this summer I am living in London, her sisters are in Newcastle and she is in Jersey. Makes trying on dresses a little challenging as there are only a finite number of time we will be together pre the Big Day.

The other key element of being a bridesmaid is planning the hen do.  The joy of hen do planning will be coming up on a future episode.

Sarah Southern