#6 Clare is Getting Married

Clare Burton and I have been friends since we were 16.  I have witnessed every relationship she has had for the past twenty plus years. So you can imagine my relief when Karl came onto the scene and she finally met the one she was meant to be with.  Clare is also a very close pal of Briony and Laura.

They became engaged in the summer of 2017 and will marry in June 2018.  They both live on Jersey in the Channel Islands and will have their marriage in the parish church followed by a reception on a venue in the north west of the island.

Clare spoke about how she feels different about her relationship with Karl since they became engaged and how firmer she feels with it and him.  She said that being engaged is a lovely feeling so no doubt this will increase once they are married.

We spoke about the odd tradition of asking the father’s permission of proposing to their partner.  It seems a little antiquated and removes the joy of telling your own parents that you are getting married! I know I would be very disappointed if I didn’t get to share that lovely news with my folks.

Clare and I discussed invitations and joining instructions.  Clare had not yet send the invitations when we spoke so I was encouraging her to get them sent out.  Also, I was advising her to include all the necessary information that guests will need to know when they are in Jersey such as hotels, transport and if anything is happening on Sunday. Although Jersey isn’t abroad it does feel abroad as you have to go to an airport to get to the wedding. As such, a little bit of extra information is required to make guests feel at ease.

We have Clare’s hen dos coming up so no doubt that will be featuring on the podcast soon!

Sarah Southern