#5 Groom’s Fashion with Patrick Grant

We are up to Episode 5 already on the podcast I am joined by the Savile Row tailor, Patrick Grant. He has a line at Debenhams and is also a judge on the Great British Sewing Bee (a show I love and I really wish I could get my mum to enter!) He, perhaps, is the perfect person to speak to about men’s fashion on their wedding day.  He is so knowledgeable about mens suits and passionate about men dressing well.

Patrick is confident that a man of any shape or size can have a good suit well fitted to them.  At his Savile Row tailors, Norton and Sons, they have fitted all heights and waist measurements.  In essence, there is no excuse to have a badly kitted suit.  Patrick, as a Scots man, would also favour wearing a kilt to formal occasions such as a wedding, and we chatted in detail about what else needs to be worn with a kilt and how it should be worn, including the right shoes and tie.

Patrick and I both have a bug bear of men wearing ties that are a cravat/tie hybrid, often in a shiny material.  A simple tie is definitely the way on your wedding day.  And dressing to who you are as a person.  If you’re not someone who wears a suit regularly then still dress to your style.  You don’t need to conform if you don’t want to.  But if you do, the follow the proper rules for the that dress code.  Patrick spoke about how a morning suit should be worn and how best to wear it.

We also chatted about who are predictions are for the Royal Wedding dress designer.  Patrick thinks it will be a British designer like Vivienne Westwood whilst my money is on Roland Mouret.  We will have to wait and see on Saturday 12 May to find out who Meghan Markle has picked to design what will be the wedding dress of the year.

Sarah Southern